Participating at the Wintergatan Community Meetup 2023

The Wintergatan Community Meetup 2023 is all about meeting each other. Want to show everyone what you made? Want to give a talk, workshop or something else about a subject you're passionate about?  Maybe bringing your own creation to show everyone, reserving a table for a show and tell, or something else? Let us know what you'd like to do/bring!

If you want to bring something that you can't carry by yourself include this in your description. The 3rd and 7th of August are available for buildup/tear down respectively.

Please enter the order code of your meetup ticket:

What type of participation would you like to do?

Talk: You have a topic you want to tell everyone about? Take the Stage and show us.
Workshop: You want to show something hands on? Let's get you an area to do so.
Exhibit: Created something cool? Let's prepare a area to show everyone.
Other: Got something completely different in mind? Do something in or around Rüdesheim as a Group? Or maybe you just would like to get a table for a group of friends or your club?

If you need something listed in the check boxes make sure to tick it.

Table: From small to big. Setting up a laptop, or even to solder and tinker on.
Power: If you need anything other than a common household socket please elaborate!
Exhibition space: In case you want to bring something that doesn't fit on a table, or stands on it's own.
Other: If you have any special requirements make sure to tick this box.


Please provide a valid mail address:

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